Tigers and Cheetahs and Wolf, oh my!

Have you seen our wild animal boot cuffs? We have white tiger (looks like zebra),  furry baby cheetah, black-and-silver wolf, and snow leopard. And for the tamer animals, there’s giraffe, poodle-like curls in four colors, and Dalmatian spots. No animals were harmed in making these fun cuffs!

Lumberjack boot cuffs

Here at Peako*boot™ boot cuffs, we have our personal favorites (shh! don’t tell!), and one of mine is the Lumberjack boot cuff. I think the bold red and black plaid design is dramatic but not in-your-face bold. It adds a jolt of style to your weekend or downtime, and with the added benefit of keeping your legs and toes toasty warm, that’s just what’s needed with this polar vortex we have.

Take a ride on the wild side – for those who want only a touch of drama, peako*boot™ boot  cuffs are just the right thing. They do not take over your outfit, but they do add a bit of spark. Try them  in wolf, zebra, giraffe, cheetah (furry or silky), or fun silky poodle-like curls in four colors.

Keeping Warm

With the extreme cold we’re having, here’s the perfect way to add another layer of warmth when you have to go out. Wear Peako*boot™ boot cuffs with your dress boots.They keep those drafts from sneaking into your boots, and your feet stay extra warm. Try Peako*boot™ boot cuffs in one of our plush faux fur designs, and you can be stylish while staying warm.

Cold feet? Not with Peako*boot™ boot cuffs

Do you need to add a bit of style but still keep warm this winter? Peako*boot™ boot cuffs are the perfect way to do it. See how adding these unique boot cuffs to your own boots can keep those drafts from attacking your feet. These boot cuffs can be put on (and taken off) without removing your boots, so your feet will stay warm while you’re changing from one pair of  Peako*boot™ boot cuffs to another.

Made In America

Appearing on the TV show Shark Tank recently, entrepreneur and inventor Donny McColl presented his product to the panel of investors. When it was suggested that he could make a bigger profit by manufacturing offshore, Mr. McColl stood his ground about manufacturing his product in the USA, but the investors declined to work with him, even criticizing his decision.  We support Mr. McColl in his determination to keep it Made In America.


As Brad Paisley sings in his song, “ain’t nothing that doesn’t go with camouflage.” And now you can add camouflage to your boots with Peakoboots™ boot cuffs in our camo brushed-cotton. It’s the woodland color scheme, and as Brad says, camouflage is his favorite color. He says it’s patriotic, too.

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Friday, December 30, 2011

Today is the Fifth Day of Christmas, and the traditional gift is five gold rings. The Peakoboots version is our boot cuff in tan microsuede with random gold metallic circles. This cuff looks beautiful on nearly all boots, whether leather or suede, and all heights, including knee high, calf height, and over-the-knee. We hope you enjoy the twelve days of Christmas.

Today’s specially-priced pair of cuffs is the zebra faux fur.  It’s one of our most popular cuffs, so don’t wait. The crisp, distinctive pattern adds just enough drama, but does not overpower your outfit. It’s bold but classic. Get yours now!

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, the Countdown to Christmas has begun. Peakoboots has reduced the price of their unique boot cuffs for this weekend. Peakoboots boot cuffs are perfect for all boots – dress, casual, slouch, leather, suede, ankle, knee, over-the-knee, calf, whatever boots you have will be enhanced when you wear Peakoboots boot cuffs. Take advantage of this weekend’s sale, and think about adding Bootights®; you can see them at http://www.bootights.com/

Bootights® and Peakoboots boot cuffs – an unbeatable combination.

Options, options, options

 Boots, boots, boots. Women love them. They look great. They feel sexy. But they always look the same. Peakoboots boot cuffs are the perfect solution to let you change the same (boring) boots into fresh, new-looking boots. We have animal prints, including super-soft faux fur; we have corduroys and camouflage for those casual days; we have pseudo-suedes when you want to glam things up.

The Wild Side

We all have a wild side, and it’s time to let it show. At Peakoboots boot cuffs, we have a luxurious soft curly fur, and we have a sophisticated glossy cheetah print. We have white tiger and plush wolf. There’s gorgeous giraffe and sumptuous snow leopard. Give your animal side free rein.

With Peakoboots boot cuffs, it’s easy to look and feel like a supermodel. Choose a pair of our unique cuffs, add them to the tops of your boots, and voila, you’re good to go. Try the red and gold brocade switl, and add just the right touch of elegance to your style.

A Little Bit Country, or A Little Bit Rock-n-Roll?

Whether you’re a little but country or a little bit rock-n-roll, Peakoboots boot cuffs has the cuff that’s just right for you. Camouflage, corduroy, or Buffalo plaid cuffs fit right in with your jeans and flannel. Brocade, microsuede, or pindot velvet cuffs give just the right touch of elegance for those rockin’ upscale events.  We have just the thing for those who are a little bit country and those who are a little bit rock-n-roll.

Turn ordinary into EXTRAordinary

Turn the ordinary into the extraordinary with Peakoboots  boot cuffs. Dress boots are a staple of every woman’s closet. But when you add Peakoboots boot cuffs to the tops of your boots, you create an extraordinary look that is uniquely yours. Let your sense of style show the world what extraordinary looks like.


Accessories add the finishing touch to your outfit, and they can really set you apart from the crowd. Peakoboots boot cuffs are the perfect accessory.Llearn how these unique cuffs can elevate your style to fashionista status. Whatever look you’re going for, we have the cuff to make it happen. Just add them to the tops of your boots, and voila, you’re stylish.

It’s All About the Details

 You know how to look good. You know it’s all about the details. And at Peakoboots boot cuffs, we’re all about the details too. Until now, if you wanted to add just the right pizzazz, you were on your own. But now, with our unique peakoboots boot cuffs, there are so many options it may be difficult to choose just one pair. With Peakoboots boot cuffs, the details will take care of themselves.


What says chic better than a well-dressed woman? And what do well-dressed women wear at this time of year? Boots. All kinds of boots. Ankle boots. Knee high boots. Over-the-knee boots. Dress boots. Casual boots. Suede boots. Leather boots. But the ultimate chic look is with Peakoboots boot cuffs. They can change the look of your boots in an instant. And there are so many styles to choose from, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Let your chic style out!

As Seen In . . .

Sunday, October 23, 2011

As Seen In . . .

Peakoboots boot cuffs are seen in lots of places. We’ve had  sightings in Poland, British Columbia, New York, Germany, Virginia, Spain, and Alaska. Where will they be next? Will you be the first on your block to own these unique cuffs that fold over the top of your boots, showing your fashionista friends that you’re ahead of the crowd? Visit our website at http://www.peakoboots.com/ to see all our boot cuffs, and soon we’ll have more. Here are photos of some of our cuffs, on real women who have real fashion sense.

Fake Fur Animal Prints

Animal prints are always fashionable, and these Peakoboots boot cuffs are the best you will find. They’re amazingly soft and luxurious, and you’ll feel (and look) like a million bucks when you wear these. But the best part is that no animals were harmed in making these (fake) fur cuffs.

Boot weather is here!

The cooler weather is coming, and thoughts are turning to boots. Ankle boots, tall boots, leather boots, suede boots, dressy boots, casual boots, boots of all kinds. But what’s a fashionista to do when she simply can’t buy new boots? That’s where Peakoboots boot cuffs make the difference. For the price of one pair of new boots, you can buy several pairs of Peakoboots cuffs. And each cuff changes your outfit into something new. Imagine! You can update your look as often as you want, by buying cuffs, not boots. Visit us at www.peakoboots.com for all our styles, and show the fashion world how it’s done.

Boots, boots, boots for everyone

 ботинки, støvler, esgidiau, or just plain BOOTS, whatever you call them, they say style. You feel pretty, but sometimes you feel pretty bored with them too. Peakoboots boot cuffs are the answer. Add these to the tops of your boots and show the fashion world you know how it’s done. Feel pretty, feel flirty, feel sexy, feel wild; the choice is yours with the Peakoboots boot cuffs.

Show your wild side – animal prints and fake furs are still hot. Take a look at the giraffe, baby cheetah, zebra, poodle, and dalmatian cuffs we have. And rest easy – no animals were harmed in the making of these cuffs.